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Clinical Outcomes Measurement System

This project involved the implementation of an integrated, multifaceted clinical measurement system addressing corporate wide and unit specific issues.

Clinical Indicator Information System Development (London Health Sciences Centre)

This project involved the development of a plan to collect and summarize clinical and ancillary information from disparate systems to comprise a single Clinical Indicators repository, and develop the analytical tools required to monitor, interpret, and evaluate changes and trends.  The approach taken to achieve a Clinical Indicators repository was an analysis of existing database contents, identification of required data elements, development of appropriate data flow model, and design/develop database application to import, process, and summarize information.

Board of Directors Consultation – involved providing service as an internal consultant to the Board of Directors of this hospital as it implemented a policy driven governance model.  The Consultation included an overview of governance models, implementation strategies and education in policy governance, establishing Board orientation and training programs, Board effectiveness evaluation and facilitation of development of a Board policy manual.

Development of Board and Board Committee Terms of Reference, Nomination and Election Process and Board Decision-Making Support Systems.

Organizational Assessment and Redesign Involved a detailed organization assessment and organizational redesign to reduce costs and increase effectiveness. The methodology focused on six dimensions of the hospital including: organization and governance structure, economic modeling, patient care process, information management, change readiness, and clinical resource management. Each of these dimensions was evaluated using hospital data, staff input, bench marking, and process mapping. Alternative models for patient care delivery were evaluated.

A comprehensive plan for implementing care teams and clinical programs, based on patient populations, was developed. In addition, many hospital wide processes, eg: admissions, patient discharge, stores replenishment, and diagnostic processes were re-engineered.