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Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management System

This project involves working with the CEO and Senior Leadership Team regarding development of a management reporting system using the Balance Scorecard Framework.   The deliverables for the project is development of a management reporting system at the team, corporate, and governance levels consistent with a Policy Governance approach.

Board and Management Consultation

Consultation and facilitation to the Board and Senior Management with regards to expanding knowledge, methodology, and implementation of the Policy Governance approach to governance.  The scope of work includes:

  • Coaching the CEO and Senior Management Team with regard to roles, concepts, methodology, tools, approach to preparation of Monitoring Reports to assist the CEO with CEO Monitoring Reporting to Board under the Policy Governance approach to governance.
  • Consulting to the CEO and the Management Team regarding the approach, content, methodology of the CEO Interpretation of Board Policy under the Policy GovernanceÒ approach including Ends operating definitions, outcomes/results, milestones, and related metrics to produce evidence for the CEO to demonstrate reasonable Ends achievement and Management Limitations policies compliance.
  • Developing the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Strategic Management methodology for use by Jewelers Mutual Management Team and staff as the framework for implementation of Policy GovernanceÒstrategic intent within Jewelers Mutual.
  • Consulting to / coaching CEO, Management Team, Middle Managers, and Staff regarding concepts, strategy, framework, tools, and processes for full Balanced Scorecard implementation.
  • Support the CEO and Strategy Management Office as they implement this next phase of Strategy Management at Jewelers Mutual.
  • Consult to the development, planning, implementation and application of the Jewelers Mutual Balanced Scorecard Strategy Management Approach, over the next year, to contribute to long term success of the framework within Jewelers Mutual’s success.
  • Work with the CEO, Senior Management Team, and Staff as they identify key areas for strategic change and or development based on feedback and learning from the BSC metrics and follow-up evaluation.
  • Facilitate the bridging and awareness of how day-to-day operations are achieving the Ends (outcomes) articulated by the Board of Directors.
  • Maintain a project plan throughout the initiative.