Effectiveness Measurement Consulting

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Organizational Effectiveness Measurement
Our evaluation consulting services are made up of the following components:

  • Organizational effectiveness evaluation
  • CEO/Executive Director evaluation
  • Outcome measurement consulting
  • Program evaluation
  • Balanced Scorecard concepts and implementation

Measurement System Design/Balanced Scorecard Approaches
Design support for hospitals and community health care organizations to establish a prototype or system wide, unit based clinical measurement system including:

  • Design and implementation of balance scorecard systems
  • Outcomes measurement strategies, methods and tools
  • Selecting patient population (which patient outcomes should be measured?)
  • Defining measurement questions (how will the information be used?)
  • Identifying required data elements
  • Scanning of information systems to determine the availability of required data elements
  • Establishing data collection methodologies
  • Training of specialized data abstracting methods
  • Designing linkages for current databases
  • Monitoring initial data collection.

Analysis and Reporting
In order to ensure that organizational information is used effectively for business and administrative decisions, a careful system for analysis must be established including:

  • Design for the analysis
  • Conduction of the analysis (quantitative, qualitative)
  • Report development to ensure the report provides useful information not just data
  • Report presentation, discussion, and interpretation
  • Action planning facilitation