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Meridian Edge Leadership & Governance Consulting Celebrates Black History Month

As we embark on another February, we are reminded of the profound significance of Black History Month. It serves as a beacon illuminating the rich tapestry of African American contributions to our collective story. This month offers a dedicated space for reflection, education, and celebration, honoring the resilience, creativity, an…

Thank you to the Food  Bank  and to Darryl Reckman and team at Sanctuary who every day every hour are changing the lives and investing time with London nurse who are living on our streets. I encourage my friends, colleagues, contacts and community to learn more about the challenges involved, and consider happen to be part of the solution

The Board Edge

Excellent, just, effective Board governance is a critical construct, a core function, and an essential component of our society. We have entrusted the health of our world and more locally our communities, many of our businesses and/or organizations to effective Board governance.

Increasingly people interested in Board governance are recognizing that Board governance involves specific knowledge, skills, and judgement that in a number of ways are quite different from management leadership.

While some knowledge and skills are transferable, there is a whole body of knowledge and unique skills that effective Board Members/Directors and Boards need to know.

Now you can study and learn these concepts in the quiet of your own office on a time schedule that suits you.

The BOARD EDGE is an online Board governance learning experience supported by personal coaching as needed. The program covers governance fundamentals developed to enhance the effectiveness of you as a Board Member and your Board of Directors. 

This affordably priced dynamic, high-value service has been designed to be a key resource for onboarding New Board Members, supporting Board skills development training, and Board continuing education.  The sessions address several domains of thinking and skill sets related to Board governance, e.g. Appreciative Inquiry Skills and Generative Thinking Techniques. We invite you to consider this cost-effective method for ensuring annual Board effectiveness and continuous improvement for your Board as a priority towards your Board and organizational success!

Monthly ModulesModule Descriptions
Module 1Board Governance Matters – What is Board Governance? Why is It Important in Today’s Complex World?
Module 2Ten Key Connected Governance Ideas – A System of Governing Inspired by Policy GovernanceÒ
Module 3Does Board Policy Really Do It? – Building Board Policy to Create Clarity and Direction
Module 4Appreciative Inquiry in the Board Room – How to Build Board Generative Thinking and a Culture of Inquiry
Module 5Why Owners Should Have a Voice - How the Board Can Listen and Respond
Module 6Start with the End Vision in Mind - Focusing Your Organizations’ Purpose and Critical Outcomes and Clarify Who You Serve
Module 7Building Ends Clarity – The Process, Examples of Ends, Developing Future Thinking Ends/Outcomes
Module 8Cascading Board Direction Through the Organization – Delegation to the CEO and CEO Policy Interpretation – Moving the Board’s Big Ideas into Real Change in the World
Module 9Develop an Effective and Efficient Governance of Risk Approach - Setting Boundaries of Executive Authority Using Board Risk Tolerances
Module 10CEO Empowerment Through Clear Executive Boundaries – Identifying Areas of Risk the Board Needs to Speak to Through Policy Direction
Module 11The Board’s Big Accountability Duty (The Board Information System & Monitoring)
Module 12The Board Needs to Do It Well - Board Evaluation of CEO/Organization Performance
Module 13Board Self-Reflection – A Variety of Approaches to Building Board Effectiveness and Ensuring Governance Continuous Improvement
Module 14Cultivating Your Board Leader Character – Board Recruitment, Diversity, and Inclusion, Retention, Board Character and Culture
Module 15Board Alignment – Building Consensus on the Governing Principles and Processes the Board Chooses to Use
Module 16Challenging CEO Payment Paradigms – Getting CEO Compensation Right – It’s the Board’s Job
Module 17The Real Magic of a System of Board Governance – Making it Work

Each module has been carefully developed with these principles of learning:

  • Participation and Engagement
  • Reinforcement
  • Relevance to the Changing Face of Governance
  • Transference – Sharing the Learning
  • Feedback – Are the Concepts Relevant and Understandable to You… Sense Making

Each module includes concepts, application, applied learning, and assignments. The BOARD EDGE program appeals to all learning styles (visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic).  Enjoy our learning challenges/games which work to build your applied learning sprinkled through The BOARD EDGE program.

We’ve included one sample handout from The BOARD EDGE program information so that you can see the tools available to support the learner.

Future Modules in Development

ModuleIt’s a Digital World Out There; can your Board “hack” it? (Social Media, Board Portals, Cybersecurity, etc.)
ModuleBoard Governance Built on Servant Leadership
ModuleTheory of Change to Support Your Ends Thinking
ModuleStrategic Planning – Does it Fit with Board Governance?

… and more.  For more information on The BOARD EDGE Program or to register please contact Meridian Edge at 1-519-439-7503