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The Meridian Edge Consulting Executive Recruitment services are designed to support organizations in the search of their senior leadership positions. Our services are flexible and customized in order to ensure that we can meet the unique needs of companies and organizations of different sizes. We provide recruitment services within and across many sectors. We will tailor our recruitment services to include partial or full support in recruitment and selection of highly qualified leaders for your company.

Our specific services are outlined below:

Candidate Profile Development and Position Definition

  • The important first step in the recruitment process involves the development of a comprehensive recruitment candidate profile, including the required qualifications, professional experience, personal characteristics, and other factors related to success in the position.
  • If needed along with this, the position description will be refreshed in order to increase clarity of the scope of the job, the role responsibilities and the expected results and opportunities in the job. Depending on the need, the Meridian team will assist your team in building consensus on the job profile and definition.

Candidate Outreach and Identification

  • Using the information gathered in Step 1, Meridian Edge Consulting will seek out qualified, work ready professionals who align with the targeted position. Meridian Edge does not rely only on recruiting from a pool of people who are looking for employment, but also presents new opportunities to skilled professionals currently employed who are may or may not be looking for a change. This means that Meridian Edge, in collaboration with your company, will be looking at the widest set of potential candidates across a whole range of job skills and work experiences.

Preliminary Evaluation and Screening of Candidates

  • In the evaluation and screening phase, our consultants screen the candidates against the criteria within the candidate profile and develop a list of qualified finalists for recommendation to the client organization.
  • The screening process involves development of Candidate Scores Cards so that quantifiable information is used while reviewing potential finalists. This step involves phone interviews to ensure that each candidate to be interviewed matches with key position characteristics (eg. Salary range, start date, living situation, experience, evidence of success, etc.).

Candidate Reference Investigation

  • Once a list of candidates who have been chosen for on-site interviews has been successfully established, Meridian Edge will conduct an in-depth reference check to more fully understand the work experience, professional performance, and personal characteristics of the finalist candidates.

Candidate Interview Facilitation and Support

  • Upon completion of the background reviews of the finalist candidates, Meridian Edge will work with your company to develop the interview process. We will send you documentation and the candidate score cards on each of the final candidates, which will provide the highlights of their professional experience and leadership/management profile, and a summary of the results of the reference checks.
  • In addition, the report will include guidelines for interviewing the candidates, a suggested related interview approach and questions, and a rating process for your interview panel(s). Meridian will participate in final interviews as at your request and will be available to answer questions and assist you in the final evaluation and selection of the successful candidate.

Compensation and Contract Negotiation

  • Meridian Edge will assist your company with the development of a compensation package and related employment considerations. We will assist with the negotiations to support a fair, professional approach.
  • In addition to its recruitment practice, Meridian Edge is a national leader in public and private sector compensation analysis.

Contact Consultant:

Taylor Field
Human Resources/Executive Recruitment Consultant
Cell: 519-670-0531
Office: 519-439-2977