Client Service Commitments

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Meridian Edge Leadership and Governance Consulting and our consultants are committed to high ethical and service delivery standards as outlined below.

Professional Ethics

We support and require our staff and associates to abide by the professional objectives and code of ethics of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.


All client information and files are treated with the strictest confidentiality by our staff.

Conflict of Interest

In order to avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest, our staff and associates are not permitted to invest in the shares of our firm’s clients.

Quality Improvement and Value

All assignments undertaken by The Meridian Edge are under the direction of the Managing Partner of our firm.  It is the Partner’s responsibility to maintain contact with our clients, and to assess our client’s satisfaction after completion of a specific project.  Our Managing Partner is also responsible for ensuring that our firm’s full range of expertise is made available to our clients.

Termination of Assignments

Our clients may terminate a specific assignment if the project deliverables are not met as agreed upon in the scope of work.

Fees and Expenses

Fees, which cover the cost of consultants, i.e. professional staff, are specified separately from expenses.  Out of pocket expenses may include communications, research, word-processing, graphic design, and computer services, printing and report preparation, etc.  We strive to estimate accurately at the outset of any specific assignment the level of effort required to complete it effectively and efficiently.  Fee estimates provided prior to the commencement of an assignment may be reviewed if the assignment does not proceed as originally anticipated, either in relation to scope, timing, or duration.


Fees and expenses are normally invoiced at the end of each phase of the project or on a monthly basis if it is a long-term project.  Accounts are payable upon receipt, and interest on overdue accounts is calculated at 2% per month.  Payment schedules may be set for specific projects as per the client’s accounts payable practices.