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Assisted a London health care organization to meet the challenges associated with a rapidly changing environment by leading it through a strategic analysis that was integrative, participative yet clearly defined its role as a key element of the service delivery network.

Through creating a vision for the agency’s future and facilitating planning sessions designed to map out the key planning questions to be tackled, a strategic 3 year plan was designed and implemented.  This was accomplished by progressively building an integrated awareness and understanding of competing factors influencing the future of the organization both internal and external within the organization.

Facilitated development and implementation of a new model of governance addressing the key goals of the organization, Board structure and process, linkage with staff and operations, critical policy development and a Board Information System to ensure accountability and achievement of the organization objectives.
Developed a business plan including a capital campaign plan to initiate new clinical and support services within a new facility. The business plan included the rationale for the new facility, the functional plan for the facility in terms of programs and services, the costing of the facility, the plan for growth and the financial plan to support the capital and operating costs of the facility.