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College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario – Strategic Planning

This consulting assignment was launched by the CEO as a full review of the organizational structure and capacity, in response to the redevelopment by the Council (the Board) of the strategic outcomes for the organization over a three year period.  The engagement included a review of all core organization services, products, and business processes with the intention of better aligning the organization’s human resources with the current and future looking functions the CMLTO would need to deliver.  A detailed analysis was undertaken including relevant benchmarking within and outside of this specific regulatory industry/sector.  The project resulted in the creation of an organizational structure which is aligned with the new strategic direction, offers more efficient lines of communication, and ensures clear accountability for results.  Staff and leaders are highly satisfied with the new design which is working very effectively.  All positions were revised to ensure clear accountability, specific job scope, increased empowerment in decision-making and problem solving, and clarity around expected results. The reorganization released administrative resources which were able to be redirected to service delivery.

College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario – Balanced Scorecard

This project involves working with the Registrar & Executive Director and Senior Leadership Team regarding development of a management reporting system using the Balance Scorecard Framework. The deliverables for the project is development of a management reporting system at the team, corporate, and governance levels consistent with a Policy Governance approach.

College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario – Governance Remodelling

The scope of this project was to work with the Council Executive Committee and the Registrar & Executive Director (CEO) to evaluate the consistency and effectiveness of existing CEO evaluation and compensation processes.  The results of the project included:

  • Significant changes to the governance model;
  • Role clarification of the Council (Board), the CEO, and the Management Team;
  • Clear policies for desired outcomes and boundaries of Executive Authority;
  • A new ongoing monitoring system for organizational results within boundaries of authority; and
  • A clarified, streamlined CEO performance appraisal system.

College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario – Executive Performance

Consulted on and facilitated the development and implementation of a performance assessment system for the position of the Registrar & Executive Director of the College (over 2 assessment cycles).