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30 min Complimentary Video Consultation

Meridian Edge offers a no-obligation complimentary governance excellence exploratory video consultation via Zoom.

  • Do you have questions about policy-driven governance?
  • Are you interested in taking your Board to a new level but unsure how to start?
  • Are you experiencing any challenges with your Board dynamics, focus, process, or results?

“Straightedge Board Knowledge”

Onsite Governance Development Consultation

  • Onsite consultation carefully tailored and planned to the specific needs of your Board and organization.
  • Current state analysis
  • Discussion on critical Board opportunities for growth
  • Govern review as requested

Online Education

A great high-level overview for new Board Members or a quick annual refresher for the full Board.  

  • A series of 1-hour sessions on a wide variety of Board governance orientation topics.

“Edgewise” Workshops

All workshops are facilitated by a qualified Policy Governance consultant. 

  • Applying the Principles of Policy Governance in Today’s Complex, Highly Integrated World
  • Start with the Ends Vision in Mind
  • Developing and Effective and Efficient Governance of Risk Approach
  • Appreciative Inquiry in the Board Room
  • The Board’s Big Accountability Duty
  • How Owners Can Have Their Voice and How We the Board Can Listen and Act