What Is Policy Governance?

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Looking for a precise description of the 10 principles of the Policy Governance model? This official document that lays out what IS and IS NOT Policy Governance. Why a Source Document? A “source” is a point of origin. A source document is a “fundamental document or record on which subsequent…

Inspiring Leaders

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Leadership – what is it, anyway?  Countless books have been written on the topic and our book shelves are loaded with the latest and greatest works on the topic.  We’ve all attended seminars and workshops, promising to help us “uncover the hidden leader within”.  We know it when we see…

What is a Board Policy?

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Are Board’s Really Prepared to Lead? Policy Governance recognizes that the Board should be leading their organization.  Boards are the link between the wishes and desired outcomes of those they represent – the owners – and the operational organization that will accomplish the desired outcomes. The Board has a responsibility…